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American Society for Bariatric Surgery
Largest society of bariatric (weight loss) surgeons in the world.

WLS Lifestyles - NEW!
WLS Lifestyles is a new publication dedicated to serving needs of the pre and post-operative weight loss surgery patient.

Victoria's Recipes for Gastric Bypass Patients
Over 100 Recipes, low-fat/no-fat recipes, all sugar free, for the Gastric Bypass Patient.. Dietary Tips from Hospital, Home and Beyond.. Over 1000 copies sold since May 2000.
A small company dedicated to helping obesity patients remain nutritionally balanced and healthy for life by offering fairly priced nutritional supplements.
Support group designed for issues specific to the biliopancreatic diversion operation with duodenal switch.

Gastric Band Support Group
Support group design for issues specific to the laparoscopic gastric banding operation.

Obesity Help
Created by the Association for Morbid Obesity Support to provide a peer support forum for severely overweight individuals in the USA.

Obesity Surgery Support Group for the Northeastern USA, includes e-mail groups, post-op profiles, extensive surgeon directory, information for pre-ops and post-ops, chat room with weekly chats, recipes, and more.